First Game

Well we finally got started. I felt the first game went pretty well. We had a couple issues with the combat. I think I did a bad job providing a couple details, but everything else went well.

The game started out with roll playing the group decided that they needed to hold a meeting to decide weather or not they were going to take the land routed to the Ahriac Empire or the sea route. Oddly enough they chose the land route.

About three days into the adventure they were attacked by a band of six assassins who had disguised themselves as elves. This battle was a little one sided, but a good feeler to see what it is going to take to make a challenge for the PC’s.

Through some creative interrogation they determined that the assassins were a part of a larger group that was some two days ride away. They continued on and at last came to a large guard tower. The place was deserted aside from corpses that had been burned recently in a terrible fire. The tower was investigated and a crown was discovered.

There was quite a bit more traipsing through the mountains. The group encountered a very sleepy dragon, and went past it quite handlely.

Wrapped up the first adventure with the group coming out of the mountains into the Ahriac Empire.


matt78goins matt78goins

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